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Make An Offer - Highest Offer Wins!
This is sort of like an auction.
The person with the highest offer by whatever time I get back on tomorrow morning will get whichever pony they were offering for.

There is a catch.
I will not reply to any comments/offers on this sheet until tomorrow, 12/04/12.
I will not tell you if someone has offered more then you, so please keep watch.
I will only accept point offers, so please, do not offer customs/trades (nothing against customs or trades, I just have enough ponies for now).

If you get a pony, you are allowed to:
-:bulletblack:- Add accessories.
-:bulletblack:- Add to their design.
-:bulletblack:- Change their gender.
-:bulletblack:- Change their species (EX. Earth Pony to an Unicorn, etc.).
-:bulletblack:- You are more then welcome to gift or give away (for FREE) the the pony if you no longer want him/her; however, I would like you to inform me so I can update the 'Adopted By' information.

You are NOT allowed to:
-:bulletblack:- Sell him/her for points, cash or any other type of currency.

#1 - Adopted by *DianaJ
#2 - Adopted by *iMandarr
#3 - Adopted by ~horsez
#4 - Adopted by *DianaJ

Make sure to read through the comments just in case I have not updated the highest offers!
I hid (and will try to keep hiding) the comments of those who have been outbid to help lessen the confusion.

Lineart (c) ~YingYangKurai
Heart Pony Idea (c) *BambooDog
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